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Industrial And Mobile Fans - F 36 Royale Gray

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Storm Series
Tough nut, portable F-36 doesn’t joke around. The air flow generated from the current lineup of F-36, allows you to point large volume of concentrated air flow to where it is needed most. F-36 gives a fixed pointed direction of airflow. Don’t like it pointing that way? Easy. A pair of durable and quality wheels allows the gaint F-36 to be moved with little effort.

Blade Design : 3-dimensional pitch blades
Blade Diameter : 36 inch
RPM : 890 (Speed 2)
          730 (Speed 1)
CFM : 10220
Voltage : 240 V / 50 Hz
Power : 450 W
Current : 2.1 A
Warrantry : 3 Years

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